A Quick Guide To CGI

Product Sourcing raw materials for manufacturing & finished goods for Distribution, Wholesale and Retail. We provide the service of supply chain replacement and consolidation. Whether you are paying far too much to bring in a current product or are tired of having to deal with so many vendors, we can help. We will work with you to provide exactly the product you are looking for and we will not stop searching until
you are 100% satisfied. We provide samples at no cost to you so if you have any
interest in a wholesale order, please let us know and we will send you
something shortly!

The following gives a brief example of our product sourcing using natural stone/ marble.

Sourcing Product

Take Natural Stone, whether you're looking for Italian Marble or Blue Quartz from the Himalayas-our global network curtails each project to your buisnesses needs.

Custom Product or Design?

We offer full customization from Product Design to Private Labeling. Whether it goes in a box or is the box itself, we will find you no less than exactly what you are looking for.

Raw Materials for Manufacturing

We can source any item at any stage in the production process. For example, supplying uncut Natural Stone Slabs for US Fabrication of countertops, headstones, tables ect.

Finished Goods for Wholesale

Of course we also offer finished products. Ecommerce businesses especially have
saved tons of money lowering their bottom line by ordering wholesale or by
simply moving to us. For example, these pre-cut slabs used in distribution

Door to Door Logistics

Providing full service shipping and handling from factory floor to your door and everywhere in between. We can deliver your product to anywhere in the world and can customize the logistics all the way down to the type of truck that delivers your product.

Special Services

Do you have a unique project? We would love to hear about it! We strive to grow and help with the everchanging needs of our clients. Whether you need a specialty order or are looking to develop a long lasting business relationship, we would love to hear how we can help you start saving today!

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